Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Paglilihi" and Baby Names

As early as now, I need to tell you that I am not pregnant -- well, not yet...

It is quite weird though that while we are having our snacks at the office cafeteria, we talked about the names that we want for our babies. Actually, hubby and I have already thought of a name if we would have a baby boy (still deciding for the name should we have a girl). Most of the time, when I mention that we want Yngwie Sebastian for the name of a baby boy, people often ask Who is Yngwie?. But I am very happy that for the very first time, there is a single soul who knows Yngwie - thanks coach. I have to admit though that at first I also do not know this person so I have to let Vox explain things. Yngwie Malmsteen is a guitarist, so is hubby. From there, the reason why he wants that name is obvious. I would not dare explain more but you can click that link to know more about this musician and discover why hubby wants his baby named after this person. And the second name, Sebastian, of course, got 2 votes. We both like the name but wish that it would always be pronounced the right way.

Of course, before having a baby, you need to conceive first ("paglilihi" as the Filipino term). I overheard yesterday two women talking about their experiences when they were conceiving. Of course, I could not relate to their stories (kakasad noh). It is actually the usual paglilihi stories that they crave for some food and they tried to justify a trait of their kid that was brought about by this craving. Though I did not have these paglilihi experiences yet, I have with me though the story of my mom when she conceived me. You'd be the judge if because of those food she eaten and what she loved doing those times, I resemble some traits similar to that food or person.

This makes me laugh, I tell you. She said that she just ate pandesal(or pan de lemon ata) with pepsi and suddenly she started vomiting. Yun daw pinaglihian nya - ang cheap lang di ba? Sana apple na lang para rosy cheeks ako. :) Anyway, another thing that she loved doing when she was still pregnant with me is staring at the image of the Mother of Perpetual Help. Could that explain my angelic face? Nah, actually I do not really believe in these superstitions. It's just amazing though that some people could really dissect things out and justify things out of those simple stuffs.

But should I get pregnant, I think I would still do the same thing. I will take note of any cravings I have and things that fascinate me that time so that I have some stories to tell to my kid. Who knows, that story could even be posted on my kid's own blog in the future -- just like this one! :)

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