Sunday, October 7, 2007

I just love mall sale...

Don't you? Uh-oh, okay, just stop thinking about battling your way to the restaurants, to the comfort rooms and to the stalls because there are thousands of people out there wanting to get their turns. Oh boy, we've been through that just yesterday but I can still say that I love mall sale. Probably because we really had great deals this time. I remember when SM Pampanga had a sale - that was a month ago; I really got frustrated (as in!). You could not move or rather you were moving automatically because of people pushing here and there. I was mad with the situation that time but of course not so mad that I still asked hubby to go to SM Clark instead (call it mall addiction!).

Anyway, as I was saying, we really got good bargains. Vox has a company awards night to attend and we need to go grab a suit for him. First stop was Van Huesen. Suits are nice but apparently they only have 10% discount. So we decided to go to Onesimus instead. And oh my! They have just cut 50% from the original price of their suits(with a matching pair of pants). That’s good, actually better! That means I still have budget for my stuffs, lols. Here is the suit we got, half the price.

Uhm, that’s not my husband. He is the other reason why I insist for an Onesimus suit. :)

There it is.

Of course because of the discount we got, I did not feel guilty to buy something (some lang naman)for myself. But this one I love - I got a bag from Girbaud, 40% off. It is the first decent bag I got for myself after 5 years. Just like perfume, di rin kasi ako bumibili talaga ng bag, panay care of mom-in-law or sisters-in-law or aunties.

My favorite hue - dark chocolate brown!

Hay, kailan kaya next sale? Hope you had a great weekend!

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SuperDyowa said...

Hi Jo,

I love the bag too pero ali ku carry makisiksikan especially kayabe ko deng kids. Hope you'll read my Blog, I have a new post in there.

See yah:)