Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the IN thing

Well, it just one of the ordinary days. You know the usual stuffs that you do - go to work, go home and then work again (while at home). And as usual, I am in front of my work table at home and checking in my friends at friendster. I just noticed that most of my friends are really maintaining a blog of their own - and mind you, they have really good ones. Of course, this is not something new to me. You see, I have my own blog but I am not updating it(my bad) - well, that is the case until now. I even have list of blogs that I frequently visit. Yep, blog hopping is one of the things I love to do while online.

But you see, with the technology and all that, blogging now could even help you earn a little bucks for just doing what you love best - writing about your life or just about anything. I have seen so many blogs that started with accounting all their personal things on their blogs but right now are squeezing in some articles to earn while blogging. Really, that is a smart idea! There are even some that are including advertisements on their blog to earn with those clicks from their visitors. Of course, for all my friends who have those - you're lucky to have me. I love clicking those ads knowing that I could help you with doing that simple task.

Blogging is really one of the IN thing right now. Well, after it was featured by one of the famous TV show here in the Philippines and seeing the blog of almost all my friends, I think the people (specifically the Filipinos)now know that there are more dollars from writing than just jumbling in words to create an idea. And take note, the currency here is dollars and not just pesos!

Am I IN for this IN thing? I am considering the idea. But before I even get into serious earning while blogging, I might as well start updating this blog on a regular basis (that should be my priority). Got a lot of things on my mind and can't really wait to put them all here.


Aileen Santos said...

Hi Arlene,

I also have my own blog in friendster which I stopped updating but planning to write another entry soon. Just like you, I love reading other people's blog, through that, I personally feel, I am knowing the person well.

I am interested about the IN thing entry you made, earning dollars by making a blog and posts some advertisements that your friends may click on.

I hope you won't mind if I ask you to explain it further for me.

Thanks so much in advance.

mami Ads

Arlene said...
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Arlene said...

Mami Ads, thanks for taking the time to read my posts. :) I would really want to try blogging business and would really give you more kwentos about this one once I receive my first pay. Now kasi wala pa talaga. I also read your blog in friendster, cge update mu na ulit:)