Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brownies and Boracay

Kenny Rogers Roasters was never been my favorite fast food. I remember nga nung Paskuhan sa UST, they served chicken from Kenny Rogers but I did not really enjoyed it. Not my type of food siguro with the exemption of the corn muffin and the mac & cheese. But last Saturday, I was surprised to see a different menu. Siguro sa tagal na naming di kumakain, they have changed their food - me variations na. It was raining the whole day but that did not stop us from going to the mall. We took our snacks at Kenny Rogers. Hubby ordered Philly cheese steak sandwich while I ordered cappuccino and brownies ala mode (it's raining kasi, sarap mag coffee). Aba, for a fast food na-impress ako sa brownies ala mode nila. Here it is..

It is just actually their ordinary brownies but topped with vanilla ice cream and cherry. For it's price (50 plus bucks lang), it's reasonable na lalo na for person like me who simply loves sweets and desserts. :)


Now, this excites me. I am really so, so happy! Finally, we would be going to Boracay. Paid the tickets already and just picked them up from Seair office in SM Clark. Look what we got...

We were planning to go there talaga but finally we managed to squeeze it in in our schedule as well as budget. We would be going there during the Halloween. I know peak season na pero at least kasi di madededuct sa leave balance yon since those days are holidays. I am saving up my vacation leaves for more important dates.

Hopefully we'll have a good time. Can't wait na!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


What's my title again for this post? Oh yes, it's "reminiSCENT". I am trying to invent a word here. I know that reminiscent could mean evocative but for this post reminiSCENT has another meaning. Well, at least that’s for my point of view. :)

Let me try to explain it though the best I could.

Actually, this has something to do with my recent purchase. I love perfumes but I seldom buy one for myself. Actually, now that I think about it I could not even remember buying a perfume in my 27 years not until yesterday. Well, do not think that since it's the first time that I grab a bottle of perfume for myself, it would be the expensive one. Nope, I am still the same person who weighs things first before spending a cent. There had been so many instances that I was about to buy one but I always backed out. Probably because I know a friend or a relative will give me anyway. That's how I get to wear great scents and not pull out a cent out of my pocket(kuripot talga). But this is not the case yesterday. I have for myself that scent that brings back the older (and happy) days.

Here is what I bought:

Yep, it's a Colors Perfume by Benetton. It may not be the very expensive and popular perfume but it is the very first perfume that my mother bought us(my sister and I both got one) way way back on our high school years. I still remember vividly that we were in Duty Free in Clark, my sister and I were just trying to check on the perfumes in the stall (but we were both sure then that we would still go home empty handed)and suddenly my mother asked if we want to buy one - this is really unusual. And of course, you could just imagine those eyes twinkling with delight. Also, do you remember that when you are a girl and you have a sister, you have to share most(or all?) of your things with each other? I thought that that would still be the case then but we got a special promo - buy one take one! Imagine, we were sharing almost anything. Not that I am really complaining now but I bet you know how that feels way back then. And since there was this twist, we were really happy then.

So for me buying this Colors perfume is more than just wearing that fresh and classic scent. This scent transports me back to the days that I(as an adolescent) felt genuine happiness with just a bottle of perfume. And it transports me back to the days that I know that I felt simple joys together with the two of the most important women in my life now - my sister and my mother.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the IN thing

Well, it just one of the ordinary days. You know the usual stuffs that you do - go to work, go home and then work again (while at home). And as usual, I am in front of my work table at home and checking in my friends at friendster. I just noticed that most of my friends are really maintaining a blog of their own - and mind you, they have really good ones. Of course, this is not something new to me. You see, I have my own blog but I am not updating it(my bad) - well, that is the case until now. I even have list of blogs that I frequently visit. Yep, blog hopping is one of the things I love to do while online.

But you see, with the technology and all that, blogging now could even help you earn a little bucks for just doing what you love best - writing about your life or just about anything. I have seen so many blogs that started with accounting all their personal things on their blogs but right now are squeezing in some articles to earn while blogging. Really, that is a smart idea! There are even some that are including advertisements on their blog to earn with those clicks from their visitors. Of course, for all my friends who have those - you're lucky to have me. I love clicking those ads knowing that I could help you with doing that simple task.

Blogging is really one of the IN thing right now. Well, after it was featured by one of the famous TV show here in the Philippines and seeing the blog of almost all my friends, I think the people (specifically the Filipinos)now know that there are more dollars from writing than just jumbling in words to create an idea. And take note, the currency here is dollars and not just pesos!

Am I IN for this IN thing? I am considering the idea. But before I even get into serious earning while blogging, I might as well start updating this blog on a regular basis (that should be my priority). Got a lot of things on my mind and can't really wait to put them all here.