Friday, June 15, 2007

Back to Blogging

I just noticed that I haven't updated this blog since the day I felt happy and would just want to put things here. I just got a bit frustrated since I cannot upload my pictures yet. The camcorder needs repair but we do not have time yet to go to the service center. I also haven't been to CD R King to buy a cheap card reader (got to be practical - in other word, kuripot, heheh). And since I am not techie, I also don't know what is the problem with the PC Suite of Sony Ericson. We cannot load the pictures we shot using the phone.

Anyway, enough for the reasons why I am frustrated with my first attempt to do serious blogging. I am updating it now because uhm, yes I am frustrated! Actually, I am just so sad. I need to do this to release this emotion. Oh, I didn't know that releasing this would be this hard. I don't know if you will understand this but isn't it people have different perspective in life? You see, we are striving hard to make a decent living. But it pains me to know that sometimes there are people who would give you that look - parang mukha ka pang "kawawa". Nakakainis yon especially when I know that I have so many blessings to be thankful for. I know for a fact that there are things that I do not have now but what the heck! I am still alive even without those things. And people need not feel awa-not when I am strong and capable of improving my life. Hay! Enough for that now. At least I feel a little better.

Now,I can't stop myself from writing.... :)

So I'll just give you few updates.

Last May 26, we watched the concert of ZsaZsa Padilla with The Company at Casino Filipino in Mimosa Clarkfield, Pampanga. I just have to thank my husband for approving the sponsorhip of this concert. Yep, we had complimentary tickets. We were sitted 2 little steps away from the stage - that close and sa may center pa. :) I love the Company - sobrang galing! Annie(of the Company) even commented on us(vox and I) being sweet. Kasi naman, it's automatic na ata-when they sung the song "Now That I Have You", Vox held my hand. And she noticed it kaya she pointed on us and said in the microphone that we're a sweet couple. Eeew! On the other hand, I could not believe it when ZsaZsa appeared on stage. Wow! She is so thin. Na-insecure ako bigla kasi parang ang laki ng mukha ko compared to hers. She's friendly and knows how to connect with her audience. Galing din nya but she sung about 7 songs lang and there, tapos na.

On June 5, we had our second team off site meeting with our bosses from Columbus. We meet up at Stotsenberg Hotel in Clark. It's actually a new hotel here and the place is beautiful. We enjoyed the night with good food, videoke and of course, picture taking. My teammates could attest to this - ako laman ng camera ni Glenn. I and my good friend, ateh Jaja have a total of 108 pictures for that night - mga solo or kami together lang un. The team/group pictures are not included there. Kinareer namin ang pictorial. Hehe! But really I have to thank Glenn for those photos. The pictures are nice plus na-magic ata itsura ko dun. :)