Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nature and Beauty Advocate

I am not really the environmental-friendly person – probably it is really my husband. I remember their mountaineering mantra “leave only footprints, take only pictures”. So from there, Vox is a certified nature lover! And I am not – not much…But then, when we are on our way to Obando, Bulacan, I can’t help but observe how the rivers and ponds are greatly polluted. You can really see dirt and other things floating in the river. The water is not even clear – it’s muddy brown. I felt sad since along the way, even if it didn’t rain some places in Bulacan are flooded. Maybe I feel for this people – I grew in a place where it floods during rainy days (at least during this season only) and I would not want to experience that again. I just thought that probably, it is now Mother Nature taking its toll on us for taking her for granted. So, so, so sad!

And I don’t know if this has something to do with the latest purchase I had online. Am I turning into a nature and environmental conscious individual? I actually stumbled upon the site of Ilog Maria and as I read their site, I could not help but love to try their pure organic beauty products. Yep, no chemical is added to these products and they are made from honey, flowers and herbs that are growing in their honeybee farm. Got their honey face scrub, propolis bath salt with lavender, soap and moisturizer. So, probably I am indeed in the transition of becoming an advocate for nature. But really, I have never been so happy receiving a package of organic beauty products!

Yes, deep inside me, I am really concerned with our environment now, especially with the radical changes and numerous natural calamities that we are experiencing. It frightens me – what else would be left to my kids? Would they still appreciate the beauty of green scenery? And as for the beauty products, I am still crossing my fingers that they would be the solution to my problematic skin type – blame it to my father’s genes! Urgh!

Dancing to the Hope of Obando Fertility Rites

When you are not having a baby for more than a year with unprotected lovemaking, you are then considered infertile. Yup, my husband and I are included in that category. Do I sound so proud of it? Of course, NOT! We just accepted the reality that until any sign of life resides in my womb, we will be considered infertile. But that does not stop us in hoping for someday, our little angel will come to us as a wonderful present.

And we never stop in praying for our little angel – that is just our real hope. So after researching about the feast of Obando, Bulacan, finally on the morning of May 19 (Saturday), hon, my brother and I drove to this festivity. We do not even have any clue where it is (all we know that after Pampanga and before Manila- that is where Bulacan is) but determined and as hopeful as we are, we finally reached the Parish Church of Obando at 11 AM. Good thing, the fertility dances started just as we are settled in front of the altar of the church. Probably, we are never good at timing things (yeah, we’re both lousy with that) but for this one, we surely are at the right time.

When we went there, we are not asking for a miracle. We are just hoping that with our great faith and trust in the Lord, having a baby is not impossible. I know it is not just us who are praying for this. There are a lot of couples who like us, are dancing non-stop in the hope that a baby will soon bring genuine joy to our own homes. So at least we are not alone in this after all.

I know dancing in Obando is not just the answer for having a baby. But we are very positive that it is just a matter of waiting for the right time. It would be just like the manner of getting to the unfamiliar location of Obando and having participated in the ceremony right on time. The coming of our little angel will be just like that - uncertain but definitely RIGHT on TIME!